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Into the Wild │ Sean Penn 

This movie changed my life

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I am the sea and nobody owns me.
by Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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Organic Bloom, Stanley Kunitz

The brain constructs its systems to enclose

The steady paradox of thought and sense;

Momentously its tissued meaning grows

To solve and integrate experience.

But life escapes closed reason. We explain

Our chaos into cosmos, cell by cell,

Only to learn of some insidious pain

Beyond the limits of our charted hell,

A guilt not mentioned in our prayers, a sin

Conceived against the self. So, vast and vaster

The plasmic circles of gray discipline

Spread outward to include each new disaster.

Enormous floats the brain’s organic bloom

Till, bursting like a fruit, it scatters doom.


Trees. em We Heart It.



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Mind Dump Chillsteppin’

Tokimonsta, Chrome Sparks, Purity Ring, etc

Fabrics from Christian Dior haute couture s/s 2014

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Need this. So bad.